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Musings of Wanderlust


January, 2019

The goal of this blog is function as an accessible resource for first-time and seasoned travelers alike.

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My goal as a journalist is to pursue every headline with accuracy and honesty. I am most passionate about lifestyle, travel, entertainment, and culture news. One of the most satisfying things to me is writing and sharing stories that incite conversation and encourage people to reflect on the world around them.

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Project Highlights

Reporting in New York City allowed me to interact with many different personalities, ranging from restaurant owners to Antarctic explorers. Whether it's reporting on New York’s hunger crisis, or documenting the next wave of virtual reality technology, stories that make a difference in the lives of the audience are always worth telling.

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New York City contractor Elizabeth Velez discusses her father's legacy, her own journey to become head of his company, and her personal mission to empower marginalized women through the power of education.

After nearly a decade of visiting and living in Paris, I explore my complicated love affair with the city and the French language.


Members and volunteers of NYC-based charity Housing Works discuss how something as simple as purchasing a book can help those suffering from HIV/AIDS gain a home of their own.

Since 1970, Film Forum has faithfully supplied New Yorkers with hard-to-find foreign, indie, and classic films. The last vestige of a dying breed; this is their story.

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“Writing well means never having to say, ‘I guess you had to be there.’ ”

Jef Mallett

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