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Eyes on Arizona

Photographic Studies 

Taken while furthering my studies at Glendale Community College, these photographic studies seek to capture student life, strengthen my understanding of camera functions, and give a glimpse into life in the desert.

September 2019

A project where I photographed and asked GCC students a poll question for The Voice, a student-run publication.

"What is your favorite back to school memory?"

September 2019

Photos shot to accompany a story about GCC's Early Childhood Development Center and the services it offers to students with young children.

September 2019

A study of using natural elements to create framing on GCC's campus.

September 2019

A study of a single subject with varying shutter speeds.

October 2019

A study of a single subject with varying aperture.

October 2019

A study of shooting a single subject from a variety of angles.

June 2023

A study using the the black and white function on my DSLR during the set up for a video interview.

November 2019

A study on using manual focus mode while on vacation in San Diego, CA.

December 2019

A study in shooting an unfamiliar subject. In my case, sports.